Monday, June 2, 2014

And We're Officially Nesting (Somewhat!)

At last: a consistently gorgeous weekend for pretty much the ENTIRE weekend! 

Thank you God!

I'm definitely one affected by the weather and this weekend's sunniness save for a very brief rain shower on Saturday put me in a great mood, but BOOOOOY...

I'm in pain today! Seriously. 

My lower, left back pain I've had for the duration of the third trimester just isn't letting up despite acupuncture the past two months AND an amazing full body massage this past Friday.

I think the only thing that will give me relief is Baby Agbai 2.0 making his exit. I *do* find that if I'm in constant movement the pain's not bad - it's when I sleep or sit then get up that it's just.plain.awful.

This too shall pass. . . 

So despite the pain, it was a pretty great weekend (mostly due to my sister Lauren giving us a hand Saturday and Sunday!)!

A 3-part date day/night

Another HowAboutWe for Couples date (<<this is a referral link to get $50 off your first date!) - we went here last to stock up for Nia's 1st birthday party, remember?

Just working on combating my iron deficiency;-)
Nia's recital

Nia didn't want to play the piano alone, but instead opted to be a part of the group violin performance of Pop Goes the Weasel! I have a video I wish I could share, but am respecting the privacy of the fellow students (drives me bananas when people post video/pics of other people's kids without asking permission!).

My mom made Nia's dress and matching headband - and yes, she does take orders!
Nia and her aunties!

 Lots of shopping and continued organizing and cleaning

We're all about bulk (we'll start cloth diapering after Baby Agbai 2.0's stump falls off!)//frozen meal prep ingredients//spruced up our couch with new pillows (only $11 for the set - gotta love NWL!)

And I say nesting "somewhat" in the post title cause I still have a quite a few fun events I'm heading to in the next couple weeks (including one on my due date - YIKES!). I'm most excited about returning to Claudia Chan's S.H.E. Summit this Thursday and Friday this time with my sister (you can read about my experience last year here). I'll be tweeting/Instagramming live so be sure to follow along! Check out this preview of the line-up - AMAZING, right?!:

How was your weekend? If you've been pregnant at what point did you start nesting/staying in or did you stay pretty busy right up to the end? 

P.S. My fro is reaching EPIC proportions (hooray for pregnancy hormones and low maintenance), and I love it! I'm debating on meeting Baby Agbai 2.0 with a glorious fro, but the practical mama in me is thinking of going with a 2-strand twist to last 2 weeks followed by letting it out for a week. From there I think I'll press and color (I have SO much gray!). Full vlog update to come no matter what I choose to do...