Monday, July 7, 2014

Ready to Get Fit with My Victoria's Secret Sport Bra #VSSportTester

Disclosure: I received a complimentary Victoria's Secret Sport Bra and Socks via Influenster to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

When I got pregnant with Grayson I had been in the midst of running regularly - I honestly think getting back on my fitness helped me get pregnant very quickly once Mr. Lovebird and I decided we were ready to try for #2 (more on that in my full birth story to come...). About the time it started cooling down here in metro-NYC a new gym opened in my neighborhood and I signed up immediately. Once I found out I was pregnant I was excited about carrying on with my fitness plan at the gym, however it kept stalling its opening. While it was originally supposed to open in January it just opened last month! I still managed to keep up a bit of fitness with hour daily walks and sometimes longer depending on what I had going on in the city. I definitely think it helped me keep to a healthy weight during my pregnancy!

The same day my gym opened I received my Victoria's Secret Sport Bra via Influenster. A sign? Perhaps! I honestly had forgotten it was coming so it was a pleasant surprise and although I was well at the end of my pregnancy I decided to don the sports bra and head to the gym. I didn't do a real workout but just took a tour and tested out a few machines:

Once I got past my due date I decided to get to walking a bit more and shot this video giving my Studio sport bra a try - there are 9 styles of Victoria's Secret Sport Bras to try for mid to high impact exercise:

What I Loved

The color - someone at VS must've known how much I love bright colors and sent me a bright melon colored sport bra! I loved how it popped from under my shirt - I get excited by bright colors and they help motivate me to work out (it's the little things!)

The fit - At first I was surprised I had received a size large bra as I don't think of myself as large-chested, but then I thought perhaps I had picked that size accounting for nursing. Regardless, I tried it on and with my pregnancy breasts and all it was a great fit! I felt comfortable yet well supported. I even found myself putting the bra on instead of my regular nursing bras I had started wearing at the end of my pregnancy

I also received VS Sport Socks (you can see them peeking out in the first picture above), and I really like their colorful, low-cut style and how they are specially designed to wick away moisture. I would've loved grippers on the bottom though as I now like to wear them around the house but am afraid of slipping on my wood floors!

Overall, I have to say I'm quite impressed with VS Sport - I wasn't aware of it previously and will now consider the line when I add to my fitness wardrobe just as soon as I get my clearance to hit the gym post-baby (I can't wait!).