Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday Virginia!

Typical Virginia pose! (thanks Aunty Ariane for the pic!)
Some of you may have been startled (and chuckled) upon seeing my personal Facebook status today:

I'm telling ya! The qualities that can drive me nuts at times are the same ones I want my daughter to have as an adult: tenacity, curiosity, defiance (to a point!) etc. . .  In utero she was much different than her brother and those traits are still carrying on especially her penchant for breaking into a passionate dance whenever a beat drops!

We are celebrating her birthday this weekend at a local splashpad/sandbox - her request for a very specific park was answered! I'll pick up a Frozen cake and we'll celebrate with a few of her buddies and my family. 

It's been a fun year for Virginia: she started preschool and became a big sister. We have more (bittersweet) transitions coming and I'm approaching cautiously to navigate her through them. 

Next up? Pre-K 4 in a few weeks. 

Oh and a funny memory for the day? When she woke up and I sang to her she smiled so big and graciously (the sweetest she's been in about 4 days O_o). She asked, "Am I 4 today?" I answered yes and she replied, "But I don't feel 4!" I then told her I'd confirm by looking in her mouth and she opened wide and I took a peek and proclaimed, "Yep! You're 4!" and she beamed. 

I love my Nia!

Do you remember being 4? I have strong memories at that age especially of nursery school. What about you?