Thursday, September 25, 2014

7 Thoughts for a Rainy Thursday

A perfect day for a warm bath and cuddling my chubzy boy! Thank you blogger buddy FiDi Families for the awesome towel =)(BTW this is an unedited pic was taken with my new S5 - can't believe how amazing the camera is! #teamdroid)

A yucky rainy day here, but the perfect kind of day to get stuff done! I have a few random things on my mind I wanted to share before I get back to purging and prep for our move . . .
  • I'm excited for this new bracelet inscribed with a wonderful reminder to arrive in my mailbox
    • Looking ahead to Blogalicious in San Antonio in November, and if you'd like to go too be sure to enter BMWK's giveaway (it's a couples giveaway, and I'll be there too with my hubby - I'm speaking!)
    • If you really need to laugh check this out (25, 26, 28 and 34 especially!)
    • One of my favorite bloggers, ETST's Kelle Hampton, reiterates why music is so important - I'm looking forward to Nia's new Suzuki teacher we found already!
    • Are you into fall TV? I'm mostly looking forward to Walking Dead. I watched Blackish last night and while I LOVE Tracee Ellis Ross, I wasn't feeling it. I'll pass. Instead of watching TV I think I'll be doing this instead
      • I need to get on the ball booking ALT Summit 2015 but in the interim I supported their Kickstarter campaign, and I now feel 200% more ready for fall (I ordered the Zeritu and Genet!) 

        What's on your mind today? Chilly and rainy too where you are?  Stay dry friends!


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