Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Continuing Summer Fun with ALEX Toy's Monster Bubbles

Disclosure: I received Monster Bubbles to facilitate this review; all opinions expressed are my own.

School may have started but summer's not officially over until September 22 (my birthday!) and speaking of birthdays ALEX Toys was generous enough to send Nia Monster Bubbles in time for her 4th birthday. Nia has a serious obsession with bubbles and I was excited to surprise her with it! We have a stockpile of bubbles sitting on our counter so introducing her to Monster Bubbles was a welcome break in bubble monotony. 

I let Nia get the hang of Monster Bubbles on our balcony - it's for ages 4+ and she was just under 4 when it arrived, but I let her play independently. She poured in the tear-free bubble solution and got down to bubble business! While she did have a hard time getting the bubbles to break off, together we were able to get the hang of it and quickly had to break into her bubble reserve to keep going. She made massive amounts of bubbles!

Monster Bubbles retails for $24.95 and requires 2-AA batteries (not included). A simple switch turns on the internal fan (it's safe from little fingers!) blowing the solution to create bubbles which a simple wand breaks off. You can see it in action here:


At Nia's party we introduced Monster Bubbles to her friends - I didn't do much explaining and simply set it down and the kids started playing. Even Mr. Lovebird got in on the action! When not in use, we keep Monster Bubbles in our car for trips to the park - much better than our little balcony - and look forward to more playtime at our new place since we'll have a patio and yard!

ALEX Toys is such a fun brand, and I've enjoyed seeing their innovations each year at Toy Fair. To learn more about ALEX Toys visit their website (they have fantastic printables too!), and be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter for cool giveaways too!

Does it still feel like summer where you live? Is your child obsessed with bubbles too?