Monday, October 27, 2014

Apple Cider Pressing Changed Our Lives

Do you ever experience something that messes up all your previous experiences of that particular something?


That was the result of yesterday's apple cider pressing. If you haven't had fresh apple cider that's been immediately pressed then you don't know apple cider. At the time of this writing I have almost 1 gallon of FRESH apple cider sitting in my fridge that I'm telling myself will last until Mr. Lovebird is back in town on Wednesday, but I have a feeling that between me and Nia it's not going to make it. 

Against my better judgement Nia had a cupful before last night's dinner AND during dinner (I understood the addiction and couldn't deny her!), and when she emptied her cup of the heavenly nectar she straight sucked on air for a good 3 minutes trying to get more out of it. I was concerned she'd get light headed! I don't blame her though. It really is amazing. 

The awesomeness is both good and bad I guess. I'll start with the bad: it's supremely addictive and sugar coma inducing. The good? Well, it's officially ended my ability to drink any other apple cider apart from that which has been freshly pressed. 

Gray gets serious FOMO sometimes and I kept using my phone to check if he was napping on my shoulder; he would turn to give a side-eye to the camera!

Thank to our  Jersey City friend Anna and her family for inviting us out to her father's apple cider pressing day. Anna's son and Nia were in Pre-K 3 together and Nia was absolutely thrilled to be reunited with her little buddy. About an hour before we left to make the 1 1/2 hour trek home (hooray for kids who sleep in the car!) Nia hugged her friend and just wouldn't.let.go. He asked why she was hugging him and I answered for her, "Because she missed you so much! She thought you wouldn't remember her" (something she asked me repeatedly leading up to our visit). Aren't preschoolers sometimes adorable???

Have you ever had fresh pressed apple cider? What are your fall flavor obsessions besides pumpkin