Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ho-Ho-Holiday Laundry Tactics With all Mighty Pacs Stainlifters

Disclosure: I received all Mighty Pacs Stainlifters to facilitate this review; all opinions expressed are my own.

There's a dirty secret about having guests for the holidays: laundry! Coming from NYC-metro where we were blessed to have shoddy washers and dryers in most of our apartments and wash and fold when we didn't, I'm still reveling in the face that we have a properly working w/d here in New Hampshire. We hosted nearly 20 people for Thanksgiving, and if this is any indication of what it's like to run a bed and breakfast - WOW! I have a great respect for innkeepers. 

The first few days after Thanksgiving I bumbled around in a stupor, but soon I had to face this reality:

Yep, these were a couple of many laundry piles I needed to tackle left over from our festivities. Not only was there bedding, but my family has the lovely habit of leaving clothing behind every single time they visit (sorry dad, I still can't find your shirt!). My friends at team all took mercy on me and asked if I'd like to give all Mighty Pacs Stainlifters a try. We use all anyway, buying the liquid in bulk at BJs so I was happy to have an even easier method for powering through my laundry pile: I just tossed a pac in my laundry then I was on my way.

And yes, the all Mighty Pacs Stainlifters worked just as good as the liquid that I'm used to (we don't use them yet for Grayson's clothes since he has sensitive baby skin!). We were dealing with bodily fluids and greasy cooking stains from Thanksgiving and all got everything out with ease, and smelled wonderful as well. We like how all is dependable and not overly scented plus they were voted 2014 Better Homes and Gardens best new product by consumers. 

To learn more about how all Mightly Pacs Stainlifters can help you this tough holiday stain season, be sure to visit their website and follow on Facebook for the latest product news.

Do you get swamped with laundry during the holidays? What are your tactics for handling it?