Monday, February 2, 2015

6 Thoughts on a Snow Day

My view today
When we got the call last night that school was canceled then the fireworks started up once the Pats won logically, I knew I should be excited but I quite couldn't muster it. It made me wonder if something was wrong with me and I thought about how if I were 10 years old it'd probably feel like Christmas to me, but now at almost 35 years old I was kinda like, "Blah."

Does that mean I'm getting old? 

Or maybe it's just a season. 

A few more thoughts on this snow day . . .

  • Did you watch the Super Bowl just for the commercials like I kinda did? This one was deemed so controversial, but the fact that it got people talking is a win for them IMO! Being the goofy girl I am, this was my favorite commercial (you can catch all of them here)
  • And about the halftime show: I definitely wanted more Lenny and don't understand people complaining about the show. It's a family friendly program so they definitely have had to reign things in. Nia thoroughly enjoyed and videos of other kids dancing to it made me smile! Oh and Missy??? She took me baaaaack! Love and miss her
  • I'm already thinking ahead to spring, but did you see the results of Groundhog Day? I don't think it really matters up here in NH anyway; from what I recall from living in Boston for 9 years spring doesn't really arrive til May
  • Speaking of Boston, I'm looking forward to heading back to Boston College this weekend with Mr. Lovebird to catch the BC vs. UNC game; I haven't been back for a game since Uka played there and I'm looking forward to it
  • The kids have had a nasty cough since mid-December. Doctor visits aren't bringing relief and now I'm contemplating a friend's recommendation of colloidal silver, but boy do people have some strong opinions about it (including our pediatrician who vehemently said, "NO!")
  • Black history month is upon us and as an avid NPR fan this article is so on point and I'm glad that they're self-conscious about it (thanks for sharing Stacey!)

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