Monday, February 9, 2015

Take That Snow!

How was your weekend? We are getting more and more and more snow up here in Portsmouth. It seems that every Monday is now a snow day and while Nia doesn't have school on Mondays it does lead to other canceled activities like her swim lessons, play dates and story time.

I asked around and indeed all this snow is not normal. At all! We just so happened to move here during a period of huge consecutive snow storms. Aren't we lucky?!

No matter. Cause this is happening:

7 nights on Carnival Pride coming up!
Yep, we're doing something I previously said I wouldn't do: cruise with kids

We just couldn't take these freezing temperatures and snow anymore and after researching airfare to other warm locales plus the cost of accommodations and food a cruise just made the most sense, so now we have something to look forward to, and I've added a widget to my side bar to keep track. Ideally we would've gone for February break, but we're already heading to NYC and there's no school break in March and didn't want to take Nia out of school to go especially since we pay for her school now so we're going for her April break. It won't warm up here til May, and it's been known to snow in April here so that's fine by me. (Plus it gives me time to keep working on my fitness!)

A few other notes from the weekend:

I think we found a child care solution at last, and I'm excited to get some consistency with my schedule! It was fantastic to get 4 uninterrupted hours at my local library this past Friday. That will make a BIG difference in my productivity. Next up is the hope of Kindergarten. Nia getting back to a 5-day, FT program will help immensely. Now if the weather will get back on track so we can stop with snow days and delayed starts. . .

Also, Mr. Lovebird and I headed back to his alma mater to check out the BC vs. UNC game for a day date. Sadly they lost although I believe they really coulda eeked out a win, but it was fun to be back for nostalgia's sake.

The college students looked like high school kids to me! I really did feel old. I do miss BC being a part of the Big East and can definitely tell how being a part of the ACC upgraded the overall program. Crazy to think I hadn't been back for a game since 2004 when Uka played!

Memories! That was such a fun year!
After we went over to Ana's Taqueria where I got a burrito the size of Grayson. SO good and I love how they press the cheese into the tortilla - that sprinkled cheese other places do just doesn't cut it!

We also watched Gone Girl and American Sniper over the weekend. WHOA! Two good movies, but still holding out to see Selma this weekend from a rescheduled date night. We're super thankful that our local church is doing a parents' night out!

I didn't watch the Grammy's, but from social media I have to say I'm pretty much under a rock when it comes to most pop culture lately, however I was still surprised by how many people weren't familiar with Sia. Really?! 

Anyway, if it's snowing where you are, how are you holding up? Any warm vacations planned and if you've cruised with kids before any tips to share?

P.S. There's still time to enter to win my Robin Wilson Home quilt giveaway ending this Wednesday. Good luck to those of you who have entered so far!