Friday, March 13, 2015

My Star Trek Story (or That Time When My 4 Year Old Gave Me the Finger)

Happy Friday! As I've shared before I use this blog as a journal of sorts so I wanted to get this story down before I forgot:

I grew up a Trekkie, thanks to my dad. I absolutely was obsessed with "space travel," something Mr. Lovebird still finds hilarious when I shared it with him early in our relationship, and my strongest desire throughout elementary school was to attend Space Camp (remember the movie???). 

Anyway, I feel alone in my household with my love of outer space but in January while visiting my sisters, it must've been close to 11p.m. and we had Star Trek on just hanging out in our PJs on the couch. Nia was still awake and watching completely mesmerized. I shared this on Instagram:

The more she watched I realized how odd the episode seemed and then realized just how silly the episodes can appear to an outsider who's not quite a real Trekkie. Also, for some reason the episode seemed really long with Captain Kirk tussling with this odd alligator/soldier: 

I forgot what I was doing but Nia was with her aunties on the couch and I happened to look over and Nia had her middle finger up and asked, "What does this mean?"

I looked at my sisters wide-eyed. 

What was it about Star Trek and Captain Kirk fighting with this space creature that prompted my 4 year old to stick her middle finger up?

I calmly explained that it's a rude thing to do and that we don't do it and that she shouldn't do it again since it isn't kind. 

She replied, "OK," put her fingers back to their regular position and resumed watching Star Trek. I later figured it was something she picked up out and about the streets of NYC during our visit.

When Leonard Nimoy passed a couple weeks ago this incident came to mind. 

I don't have anything profound to take away from it. Just to leave it as it is: a Star Trek memory.

Are you a Trekkie? Have you ever had an awkward moment with your kid like that? (I have another good one about the time I called my dad a b******d, but I'll leave that for another day!)

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