Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Lovebirds' First Family Cruise: Look Who Joined Us!

Re-entry from vacation is always hard especially when leaving 80 degree weather and returning home to this. Thankfully we had a buffer day in Baltimore yesterday coupled with a late afternoon flight so it wasn't too bad getting back. The kids went to bed only an hour past bedtime so I count that a win!  As I'm tying up loose ends and work on recapping our trip, here's a quick sneak peak of a few brands which joined us on our cruise:

Coolibar - They kept me sun safe last year in Puerto Rico and this year the kids were sun safe in an adorable Coolibar rash guard for Grayson and hoodie skirt dress for Nia!  

eShakti - Known for their dresses, eShakti also carries a variety of skirts, pants and suits. They are unique in that they can be tailored to your specific measurements in a jiffy

Nomad Clip - Its kickstarter campaign has successfully bought this charging carbiner to fruition. It connects right from your phone to a power source such as a laptop keeping you from being hunched up by an outlet or in my case, came through in a pinch when my Jackery USB cord stopped working

A huge thank you to eShakti, Coolibar and Nomad Clip for helping out during our vacation and look forward to sharing more details about each coming up!