Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Breastfeeding Support with Fairhaven Health

Disclosure: I was provided with samples to facilitate this review; all opinions expressed are my own.

With Grayson's 1st birthday fast approaching there are so many developmental topics I've wanted to share which pass through my mind while I'm busy during other things and then I look up and another month has passed and we've moved onto something else. One area that I really want to follow-up on is mine and Grayson's breastfeeding relationship. It is amazing how different a nurser Grayson is. While digging through Nia's medical records for Kindergarten registration I came across her growth chart and found that it was similar to Grayson's. Specifically, they were both 17lbs at 10 months old. Grayson's current pediatrician is alarmed however, and has suggested we give him soy formula. I've been hearing this "alarm" for a while and in the midst of the constant barrage of blog posts coming forth about moms and breastfeeding/formula guilt, I decided that when Grayson recently dropped several ounces, something Nia never did, I would follow the pediatrician's advice and try soy formula. 

Grayson nursing on our recent cruise (bra by Bravado)
Well, little man is NOT having it! With my supply waning and my upcoming cruise with my mom I think this may be a natural time to wean (remember when I went away to wean Nia?). I will be pumping while on the trip and Fairhaven Health recently a supplied me with their Breastfeeding Essentials Bundle (retail price: $66.95) to support my breastfeeding efforts. 

Fairhaven Health's mission is to develop products designed to safely and naturally promote fertility, pregnancy wellness, and breastfeeding success. They are based in Bellingham, Washington and have been providing support to parents and parents-to-be for years, helping them reach their goals from fertility to breastfeeding. 

The Breastfeeding Essentials Bundle includes:

1. Milkies Nipple Nurture Balm - Help soothe, protect, and heal sore cracked nipples with this 100% organic lanolin-free balm. Recommended by lactation professionals all over the country.

2. Milkies Nursing Time Tea & Tea Ball - This all-natural tea helps nursing moms increase milk production and soothe digestion in mom and baby. The loose leaves ensure freshness and nutritional support. Brew it up nice and hot using the Tea Ball provided.  

3. Milkies Milk-Saver - Make sure to never waste a single drop of “liquid gold” with this ingenious invention that collects breast milk leaked from the non-nursing side during the breastfeeding session, and store it for later!

4. Happy Bottom Baby Balm - This ultra-moisturizing balm contains a blend of colloidal oatmeal, cocoa and shea butter, and organic oils that soothe baby’s bottom naturally.   

The Milkies Milk-Saver is my favorite item in the bundle. While I use nursing pads to prevent leaking through my clothing, I've always wondered if there was a way to keep that milk instead of wasting it. This invention solves that issue! Simply slide it into the non-nursing side and collect milk in a special BPA-free reservoir. I use it with Grayson then simply put it in a bottle that I'll add to later when I pump or milk baggie to freeze it. It even has a stand that it can rest on to prevent it from tipping over! 

I've also found the loose tea a tasty and soothing way to relax and boost my supply. It contains fennel seed and blessed thistle, known for increasing milk production - I like to add a bit of honey in mine! Grayson also has 8 teeth which he uses to bite me (he's even drawn blood) so the Milkies Nurture Balm has been a lifesaver for my sore nipples. For Grayson, he's always scratching his bottom during diaper changes so applying the Happy Bottom Baby Balm has given him relief for his dry skin. Thankfully the eczema he experienced so badly before hasn't come back, but this has been great to use since then. 

There are so many other well-researched and curated product offerings to help you or the mother in your life including a Pregnancy Bundle as well. Be sure to visit Fairhaven Health's online store here and like on Facebook and Twitter for latest product news. 

How did you find support in your breastfeeding relationship with your baby?