Friday, May 8, 2015

Building My Mama Confidence with L'eggs

Disclosure: I received a promotional item to facilitate this post. All opinions expressed are my own. 

Growing up I distinctly remember my mother's ritual for dressing up: watching her put on her make-up and carefully select her outfit was such a joy that I observed in silence hoping that someday I could do the same. Now as a mom I'm experiencing this times 2! It's my first mother's day with two children and with an almost five-year old daughter I find myself falling into the same routine as she's become my little shadow peppering me with questions along the way. 

I recently had the opportunity to bring L'eggs along with us on our family's spring break cruise and knowing there would be a formal night they were a welcome addition to my wardrobe. I still remember my mom sending me into the store as a pre-teen to pick up L'eggs Silken Mist for her at our local grocery store when she'd discover a run in her favorite pair. 

It was as though I (proudly!) became my mother when I slipped on my pair of L'eggs Silken Mist for the cruise's formal night. While Nia enjoyed her dinner at the children's camp onboard, Mr. Lovebird took a picture of me and Grayson before we headed to our own dinner:

And of course we had to get a selfie:

These days while we're still acclimating to our relocation from NYC-metro to Portsmouth, NH I'm finding that the key to success in our transition is just getting out there! We definitely experienced this on our cruise and were just invited to participate in our local mall's fashion show that took place yesterday. I confidently had my L'eggs on hand, but ended up wearing more casual outfits - something we're literally just now warming up to here in the north. We had such a fun evening meeting new families and chatting with the crowd - having two bubbly kids definitely helps as an icebreaker!

Nia was a little nervous at first but quickly took command of the show!
With their run resistant formula and control top, L'eggs adds a touch of confidence for special occasions. They are true to size and very comfortable adding the right amount of sheen to your perfect evening!

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How are you celebrating this Mother's Day?

P.S. Stay tuned on Instagram this weekend when I'm dressing up again for my first New Hampshire formal event since our big move. As a mom it's so exciting to step out and glam up for these rare occasions!