Wednesday, June 24, 2015

It's a BIG Week for the Lovebirds!

We have so many amazing things going on over here (I'm bursting at the seams to share but I can't yet!) and I looked up and saw I haven't blogged in a week. Oops! I think this means that summer is off to a strong start so far, agreed?

The most challenging part is coming off of Nia's previous school's academic calendar in Jersey City, she's now been out of school a full month before she was in Pre-K 3. I was away on my cruise during her end of the year program, but Mr. Lovebird was on picture duty and captured a few special moments including this one:

I went through a brief moment of panic, then mostly thanks to my local mom friends and our library's resources, I've found a good summer schedule for Nia. She's doing a bit of everything just like we did last summer: swimming, circus camp, vacation Bible school and piano lessons for now then hopefully adding some horseback riding and soccer towards the end of the summer. She's such an active girl already and has a lot of energy to burn! 

At our local library's summer reading kickoff party
Over the weekend we celebrated Grayson's 1st birthday (at the time of me writing this it's 2a.m. and I just ordered his thank you postcards!). His official birthday is actually this Saturday, but we're heading out of town tomorrow for a long weekend so we enjoyed early festivities. We had been singing "Happy Birthday" to Grayson for a few weeks so he'd be ready when it happened for real - it turned out SO cute, and I can't wait to share the video soon!

Friday will be mine and Uka's 6th wedding anniversary (as of this fall we've known each other 17 years!). We're officially closer to 10 years than not! We don't have anything special planned and will actually be happy to hang in nature this weekend with our kids up in Maine. Speaking of Maine, remember when I wrote about these cute cottages? I'd still like to stay there someday. . . 

For our anniversary Mr. Lovebird asked what I most needed then answered his own question: "I need help." I really truly do. Not only from him, but from outsourcing a few things around the home, mostly domestic duties, so I can focus on the kids, my business and this blog. I'm juggling so many balls at once and if a few domestic responsibilities can be outsourced that would be great! He's not always physically here due to his work schedule and when he is here he crashes really hard - he hustles hard to provide for our family and in this post-Father's Day week I feel so blessed that we're not only best friends but in this family journey together. I made this collage over on Instagram as a tribute:

Going back to our trip to Maine, it's a "camp" of sorts that's mostly business, but since the families get to come too there is some pleasure. The kids will be in "camp" and while I'll attend a few activities be catching up on work, I'm looking forward to exploring a bit especially since we'll be by Acadia National Park. There's even a formal night and I posted a teaser on Instagram as I'm super excited for another chance to dress up. Hooray for Rent the Runway, and if I could just wrangle my hair!

Grayson's birthday was in such an idyllic setting not far from us and the locale reiterated the feeling I get that we're on perpetual vacation up here. It is such a beautiful city and is making up for the awful winter we experienced. Here's one of my favorite pictures from the weekend - I'm so blessed my sisters were able to come up to visit us!:

Here's what I'm excited for the rest of the summer:
  • An historic July 4th - it's so quaint and typically New England lately as everyone is sprucing up for the holiday; I need to hurry and get outfits for the kids!
  • Catching up with my blogger buddies at BlogHer
  • Taking both kids for the first time to the Jazz Age Lawn Party - this year is the 10th anniversary and unlike last year I already have my ticket! (Check out the recent pictorial coverage in Newseek)
  • Grayson's first visit to my hometown of Columbus, Ohio and going to the Ohio State Fair (hooray for the butter cow!)
  • Keeping up with my fitness - I've supplemented my regular workouts at the Y with PiYo class thanks to my fab, fit, mommy friend Courtney, and it's kicking my butt in a good way!
  • Catching up on tons of blog posts: awesome reviews (including Disney SMMC On-The-Road in NYC), giveaways and updates (including Grayson's 1 year recap which I'll have ready next week!)
What are you looking forward to next summer? Can you believe it's already July 4th...NEXT WEEKEND?! We're just hanging out here in Portsmouth taking in all the historic festivities. What will you be up to?