Monday, June 8, 2015

Keeping My Family Sun Safe with The Vision Council

Disclosure: I was provided promotional items from The Vision Council to facilitate this post; all opinions expressed are my own.

Right before I left for my Caribbean cruise I was invited to participate in The Vision Council's webinar sharing their annual report on the importance of sun safety for your eyes. If you've been a reader for a while you know my health history with discoid lupus and the role that sun safety plays in my family. Last year I also participated in the Vision Council's webinar and the Nicole Miller sunglasses I received are still going strong and even came along with me on my cruise (a milestone achievement since I'm historically *the* worst at keeping sunglasses!)

This sunny season now that we're in New England somehow the sun seems stronger up here. Sure, we've had plenty of gloomy days, but when the sun is finally out, boy is it blinding! During the webinar with Dora Adamopolous, OD I was surprised to learn that 1 in 4 people don't wear all. I have a pair in the diaper bag ready to put on at all times and despite gloomy days, I've learned that the UV rays can be even more damaging in the winter than the summer especially due to snow blindness, something we were definitely at risk of this past harsh winter. 

While sunglasses are mostly viewed as a fashion accessory - I'm loving the pair of BCBG Daring in Nude I received for this post - they're a necessity just like a seatbelt even for your children. One issue I've struggled with is keeping them on my little ones. While Nia at almost 5 years old doesn't have a problem keeping on the Polaroid sunglasses she received from The Vision Council, little Grayson at 11 months old just wants to rip his sunglasses off. He has a pair with a velcro strap, but he just wants to suck them! Instead I put him in a sun-safe hat which he also tries to yank off, but I keep his shade extended on his stroller as well as his car seat plus I have an extra sun-guard on his window in the car. 

Check out this handy infographic from the Vision Council's findings (click to enlarge):

If you're interested in learning more about the Vision Council please visit their website where you can view the full annual report and don't forget that National Sunglasses Day is June 27 (also Grayson's 1st birthday!).

Does your little ones keep sunglasses on? Any tips or tricks to share?