Monday, August 31, 2015

In Our Garden: How We're #CreatingCommunity

Happy Monday friends! Today I'm coming to you with fellow blogger Teri of Cottage In The Court on a special CoLAB project via ALT Summit and Blogalicious. Over the past few weeks we've come to know each other and while we reside in distinctly different communities and are of different generations, we're in our agreement in our belief in the importance of community and the effort it can require to create it.

We've created a photo essay of sorts to share our experiences and hope you enjoy it! At the end is an invitation for you to participate as well.

My #CreatingCommunity Story

In one month my family and I will celebrate the one year anniversary of our move from NYC-metro to Portsmouth, NH. I've shared before about how this has impacted us especially from a diversity perspective and now with a bit more time behind us, I find that I still stand by my belief that open conversations are still the best route to progress. I don't shy away from difficult topics and I'm proud letting my children see me be assertive in our relationships as we navigate our still-new community. I believe it helps build their confidence as well. Do I think we'll stay here in New Hampshire the rest of our lives? I'm not sure, but for now I'm making sure this period of our lives is one we learn a few valuable lessons from. Here are a few featuring Nia and Grayson at Prescott Park, our own local garden, which is the pride of the community. We find ourselves here a lot especially this summer where the kids had swimming lessons adjacent to the garden as well as enjoyed time at the nearby playground and most recently caught a performance of Peter Pan. It really is a central community location and we find ourselves at peace there.

Teri's Story

Here are a few photos from Teri's community garden. I'll update with a link to her story as well!

As the summer winds down we invite you to share how you're #CreatingCommunity on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We look forward to seeing your images!