Thursday, September 10, 2015

Back to School for Mommies with Furlesse (& 50% Off!)

Disclosure: I received samples from Furlesse to facilitate this review; all opinions expressed are my own.

I'm hurtling towards my 35th birthday and with Kindergarten kick-off under my belt it's time for me to really start paying better attention to myself. I have seriously slipped from my workout, water and product regimen this summer, and I still feel like my training wheels are on as a mom of two. 

Enter Furlesse. At only $19.99 per pack (and 50% off through 9/11/15!), these targeted anti-aging patches are a small way for me to start treating myself with care. Furlesse seriously has every area of your face covered! From "Elevens" to "Lipsticks" they are appropriately named for exactly the area you want to treat. Years ago I remember noticing eye wrinkles which, after consulting my mom, were actually due to dry skin around my eyes. She gave me some of her super expensive special eye cream, and they never appeared again. Have you seen my mom? We seriously look like sisters! And her mom had amazing skin, but I'm not just resting on my genes and am on the lookout for even the slightest wrinkle! I decided to give Rows a try on my forehead since the other areas aren't proving too problematic . . . yet.

Warning: super close up, awkward photos of my gray hair ahead!

The directions on the Furlesse packaging indicates that you can leave them on for an hour or overnight for maximum results. I wasn't sure I'd make it overnight, but I did! I was a bit itchy with it on, not in an irritant way, but in an "there's something on my face" kind of way. They reminded me of having whitening strips on: you can focus on other tasks while you're using them, but you're aware that they're there. 

Here's what happened:

I used two for extra coverage!
There was a bit of a mark/indentation upon removal so if you're preparing for an event I'd say don't expect to pull it off and be on your way. Definitely give time for your face to settle similar to when you wake up with a pillow mark and your skin has to fluff back up. Make sense? Overall my results weren't very dramatic, I think because my furrows aren't visible without effort. If I start to notice resting face lines I'll pull out my Furlesse strips to try again.

If you wanted to, you could even Furlesse your entire face like this (or this!):

Curious about how they work? They simply hold the skin taut in place smoothing out unwanted lines. They are hypo-allergenic, BPA-free and latex-free. Also, the creator Cathy Tousley is a mom of 3 was inspired to create Furlesse after stories of fellow moms using tape to smooth their wrinkles. There had to be a better (and non-invasive) way, right? To see how easy they are to put on check out the videos here

Now's the perfect time to try Furlesse: visit their website to shop directly as well as find a special 50% off sale ending tomorrow, September 11, 2015 over on their Facebook page. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram too!


P.S. I'm on a mission to get Mr. Lovebird to also try Rows, but don't tell him! I think I'll sneak them on him for April Fools' Day 2016 after Nia's somewhat similar failed April Fools' Day attempt earlier this year when she wanted to put stickers over his eyes while he slept O_o