Monday, September 21, 2015

Better Than Vegas? My 35th Birthday Eve Weekend

Nia cracks me up! Apparently she's inherited by type-A-ness and has been arguing at school that it's not fall despite their classroom calendar saying it is, cause "it's still summer until my mom's birthday!" Yes, we do talk about these things, and I've reassured her that tomorrow is indeed the last day of summer. 

And it's my birthday.

I'll be 35 (and it's my mom's birthday too!). 

Mr. Lovebird and I really wanted to return to Las Vegas next weekend for Life is Beautiful (the line-up is just WOW!), but we were torn between bringing the kids with us and getting childcare there or having childcare here in New Hampshire, however it just wouldn't seem cool to bring the kids only to pawn them off and if they stayed behind I just couldn't fathom the distance especially since Grayson is still quite small. 

Our "Plan B" Hotel was great!
Well Mr. Lovebird had an alternate planned and it was to head to the Legends of Motown concert at Foxwoods over the weekend. I glanced over the listing online thinking it was just cover bands and looked forward to a quick, desperately needed kids-free overnight trip. Granted I just returned from a solo trip to Baltimore, but that was for a conference and I need time with my homeyloverfriend. 


My mind was blown!

The first performers were the Temptations Review - they were outstanding and in great shape for some of them being in their 70s. Next, it was the Commodores, really *a* Commodore, since there was only 1 original member performing plus another who had joined later. 

In between the acts there were 20 minute intermissions so by the time the 3rd act was about to come on 2 hours had passed. I was having fun, but at 10p.m., yes, I was yawning. I have absolutely no late night stamina any more unless I'm in Las Vegas

Well all the sudden after the 2nd intermission the music got ridiculously loud like someone extra special was about to come on. I had no clue who it was, due to my quick glancing of the original event listing. Apparently, Mr. Lovebird was surprised too cause when the montage on the screens started rolling and we saw footage of The Jackson Five, we looked at each other in disbelief. 

Jermaine was the lead and of course I couldn't help but think of this post whenever the camera zoomed in on him
Yes, it was *THE* Jacksons! It's Michael Jackson's birthday month too (#teamvirgo) and I really do think about him more during this month especially since his passing. It totally wasn't planned this way on purpose by Mr. Lovebird, but he got a few bonus points for sure! 

Check them out:

They performed so many classics (and opened with Can You Feel It - my FAVE!) and a couple of MJ's songs. I could tell that they really do try to channel him as much as possible in their performances, but they hold their own. My mom tells the story of how I met Tito (or was it Jermaine?) when I was a kid. I totally don't remember it but for some nerdy reason I've always felt a sense of pride over this. Plus the last time we were in Vegas we saw the Cirque Du Soleil show Michael Jackson One so this felt like a completion of some sort. It was definitely a birthday to remember!

Tomorrow, my actual birthday, Mr. Lovebird is away on business, so I'll probably just lay low with the kids (and we have soccer practice!), but today is actually another big day for me. Here's a little hint. Follow along on Instagram for more!