Monday, November 9, 2015

Distraction Tactics (and a Winner!)

Kicking off a week post-WELL Summit is a very good thing (although I may be a bit too relaxed as I messed up tonight's slow cooker dinner!). This weekend was the inaugural conference - that's the farm to table dinner above - and I was on Instagram sharing my experience. Definitely go back and check out the #wellsummit hashtag for lots of goodness (and stay tuned as I'll be giving away actual goodies from the conference too). 

With my mind centered on positivity, I'm not even going to call out the red cup issue by brand name, but as a Christian and a black woman between that and the foolishness which a certain female co-host (whose name I refuse to type) likes to spew lately about various social issues, there is one thing I'm going to say:

Stop getting distracted people. 

Coming from a career in media, please see these "controversies" for what they are: attention-grabbing stunts and the more you engage with them the more free press you're giving them. I went back to the OP on the red cup issue, and it's one obscure preacher touting his beliefs in a video. People got a hold of it and made it viral. Again, it's purpose is to get attention; they want you to talk about them so they'll be relevant. Same with the network cohost. So please stop playing into it. Please.

There are more important things to focus on. Let's keep it movin' . . .

On to the winner of my L'eggs giveaway (thank you to everyone who entered): 

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Congrats Erin! I'll email you shortly to claim your prize.