Thursday, December 3, 2015

Faith Without Works

I know there are many details still forthcoming so I won't attempt to delve into them until we know more, but we've been here before. I wrote it about here 3 years ago in the aftermath of Newtown. 

When Mr. Lovebird showed me this when I returned home from my PTO meeting last night my eyes widened:

And I understood where the copywriter was coming from. 

I am a Christian and I pray, but that is not all I do in the face of what's going on in our country. 

For those who are offended by the Daily News cover you are missing the point. Jesus himself was a man of action, and I refuse to become the type of Christian that simply plasters a "Jesus band-aid" over any worldly situation of despair and violence like what just happened and will continue to happen unless...

We take action. 

As a believer in Christ I refuse to stand by and say, "Well it's not just about this life anyway, but the afterlife." No, no,  just no. If that's the case why even live? 

Instead there are things we can do right here, right now on this side of Heaven. While I recently wrote about the history of atrocities that have been carried out worldwide in the name of Christianity, there is also so much good that has been done. Our country's history with the church has been complicated but there has been a legacy of activism and counter-culturalness within the church as well. 

I see it as an opportunity for the church to revisit that legacy. Whether a Christian or not, if you haven't already please start by taking action and writing to your state representatives, and demanding that laws change.

I still believe in the power of prayer AND I believe in action. For me, they are not mutually exclusive but while for some it may be heartfelt, we cannot simply rattle off "thoughts and prayers" responses without DOING something. 

Unless you just want to wait until next time.