Sunday, December 20, 2015

If You Think I'm Pregnant...

I'm not. 

There, does that make it easier? 

With my last baby (Lord willing!)
I've only made this mistake once and since then I NEVER in my mind would think to ask someone if they were pregnant unless they confirmed first, especially as a woman who's been pregnant before to another woman.

Just. Don't. Ask. 


It's not cool. 

I had a woman ask me less than a FREAKIN month after having Grayson, while holding him, if I was expecting. 

And this was an older woman who appeared to be in her right mind (or maybe she wasn't cause of her question) so I'd think perhaps she'd have had experience knowing what post-partum bodies are like, even if not her own, but apparently not.

It seems like there's widespread confusion over what post-partum bodies look like and not every woman's body reshapes into supermodel firmness sans stretch marks after having children. 

If yours does, that's awesome. I had amazing snapback the first go around, but guess what? Bodies change and conditions change. I aged 4 years by the time I had Grayson and when he ended up nursing for half the time that Nia did, weaning at about 11 months old, I didn't lose as much weight as I did after my first pregnancy.

I'm now within 5-6 lbs of my pre-pregnancy weight depending on the time of the month which I think is pretty darn awesome (shout out to Shakeology and PiYo for helping me out!), but my body just so happens to carry the extra fluff in my tummy. 

The comments and questions about it can stop. 

Oh and Jennifer Garner's clip on the topic is spot on:

And if you're still confused about what most normal, post-partum bodies look like check out the 4 Trimester Bodies Project

You're welcome.