Tuesday, December 29, 2015

This is What Raising Black Children in Portsmouth, New Hampshire Looks Like

With the devastating news from my home state of the decision not to indict the officers in the murder of Tamir Rice and seeing this post Mr. Lovebird showed me yesterday about the top 10 worst cities to raise black children, I wanted to share in pictures what it's been like lately raising our kids here in northern New England.

I've already shared my thoughts on our state's lack of diversity in this post, but this time around I'm not here for commentary.

I'm here to give you a glimpse of the types of things we've been experiencing here as a family:

We're at our local library a lot! 
Nia's holiday concert

We went to see the tree lighting at Market Square (a family pic here!)

So blurry but still a favorite daddy-daughter moment

Having fun at our Y

Our library always has great activities on early release days!

Grayson enjoyed starting with playtime at the Children's Museum of NH before hopping on the Jingle Bell Express! 

Illumination Night at Wentworth by the Sea

We hosted a gingerbread house, after-school play date

Kindergarten Holiday Party

She loves going for "sushi"

They had fun redeeming our Rumble Tumble prize (thank you to everyone who voted for us!)

I think they like it here!

A few other things we're looking forward to this season...