Tuesday, January 19, 2016

MLK, Jr. Day 2016: A Family Day

This morning I dropped my mom off who came up for a 36 hour visit - a short detour from her trip to NYC where she was visiting my sisters. It was whirlwind for her (and just in time for a dumping of beautiful snow), but fun as usual! A few snapshots from our weekend (Mr. Lovebird's not pictured as he was under the weather, but thankfully is on the mend!):

(and yes, those are PJs Nana sewed for Nia's Christmas present - there's a mermaid tail blanket to match too!)
My mom finally got to partake in the wonder that is PiYo with me - it hard, but fun!

This is what happened when I told Nia to show me her "cake face!"
Back at the Children's Museum of NH for the first time since the Jingle Bell Express
Surprised she even knew how to use this!
He's obsessed with light switches lately so this was a dream come true.
Picked up a few crafting supplies for projects - a must when Nana's in town. 

Last year I posted this on my Instagram for MLK Day which is still timely; this year, I shared this:

You can see Shuan King's full album here, and the Lovebirds' first trip to the MLK memorial in Washington, D.C. here (including Lil Lovebird's special tribute when she was just shy of 3 years old!)

Hope you had a thoughtful weekend!