Monday, April 11, 2016

A Star Wars Giveaway (& Grayson's Piano Debut)

It seems like this Monday is DRAAAAGING so I thought it'd be fun to shake things up with a belated Star Wars giveaway. I mean, The Force Awakens just came out on DVD, and I hear there's a Star Wars influenced money grubbing film coming out in December so why not? 

I have to admit this is a long overdue giveaway: I hinted at it months ago here on Instagram and it even includes a 2016 calendar which I had all intentions of giving away for the New Year. I think I know what happened: the excitement of Star Wars was soon overtaken by the Steve Harvey debacle, and I admit I got distracted. Welp!

Now may actually be a more appropriate time for the giveaway because somehow Grayson - yes, 21 month old Grayson - has learned to play Darth Vader's theme on the piano. Well, sorta. Take a peek:

We don't quite know how he learned it as he hasn't watched any of the Star Wars films, but we think Nia taught him. He ambles about randomly humming it, which makes for great conversation (and questioning of our parenting skills!) when we're out and about. People ask us, "How does he know that?!" We just shrug!

Anyway on to the giveaway...

You can win all the awesomeness pictured at the top of this post for yourself your kids! It includes:
  • Tote bag
  • Tattoos
  • Color and sticker activity pack
  • R2D2 hat
  • Mini-lunch box
  • 2016 calendar  
I put this giveaway together on my own when I got a bit carried away in the  Target dollar bins months as I arrived right when they were getting stocked with Star Wars merchandise. I was the ONLY nerd one in the aisle! Oh and about the winter hat and calendar? I'd say just hang onto it for next winter and use Q1 for a collage. BOOM!

This giveaway starts today, Monday, April 11 and runs through Thursday, April 14, midnight EST with the winner announced on Friday, April 15 - what better way to take away the drudgery of Tax Day! You're welcome. All you have to do is enter via Rafflecopter below (open to U.S. residents, ages 18+):

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck and Happy Monday!