Monday, April 4, 2016

Mr. Lovebird: Back on the Court

What a weekend! We woke up to snow yesterday (and yes, it's still snowing, but I'm just gonna ignore that fact for now), but the highlight of our weekend was getting to see Uka play basketball for a good cause: the local elementary schools got together with the Harlem Wizards for a fundraiser. Excitement had been building about it over the past few months and Friday night we joined a packed gym for a fun family evening. It was also Grayson's first time seeing Uka play (more on how that went over below!)...

The message on Uka's shirt was his idea!
This was Grayson's reaction when they announced Uka

All it took was some popcorn to get him smiling again

It went in ;-)
Good game, Daddy!
You can check out the full article in our local paper including video with Uka in action here!

How was your weekend? Hopefully you're actually having spring where you live! We also went to see "Zootopia" (at last!) and it was so, so good! Have you seen it? 


P.S. Our love and basketball story is here!