Wednesday, June 1, 2016

June Expectations

Memorial Day weekend was quite the adventure for us down in the Smoky Mountains, and while I'm feeling a bit bowled over in recovery mode I'm so thankful for the time I got to spend with my family.  

I'd like to properly recap the weekend, and in the interim I have a few pre-summer thoughts to share before I run out the door for the day...

I recently posted this on my personal Facebook wall:

Apparently, I wasn't the only one who felt this way! I wish there was a live webcam following me around all day so people could see that I really, truly hit the ground running each day, and it's nonstop most days until about midnight then I'm back up at 7a.m. (or in yesterday's case at 5:45a.m. - thanks Grayson!) to do it all again. 

This is the life I lead, and I love it - I just need some consideration sometimes!

Anyway, I'm feeling the need for bullets . . .
  • Yesterday I signed up Nia for summer camp via our local rec center; I've been seeing this article floating around Facebook and I generally want to try to follow this philosophy, but Nia is the type of kid who enjoys structure so we'll have about 3 unplanned weeks this summer which I think is a good balance especially with our town's free swimming lessons and our library's summer reading program running as well
  • Besides the general summer camp she's doing at the beginning of break for two weeks she's signed up for 2 weeks of running club which meets early mornings for a couple hours and is ran by a teacher at her school, a week of half-day STEM camp learning robotics and intro to coding and a week of half-day horse camp
  • Besides that, tomorrow afternoon is also Nia's big annual carnival at her school; I'll be volunteering with food and games (and hoping we have a ton of last minute volunteers arrive!)
  • Mr. Lovebird heads out of town Friday for his weekend "mancation," and I'll be with Grayson as he nears the end of his indoor swimming lessons on Saturday then Sunday is the Giving Voice Fundraiser I'd like to attend after church, but it's pending Mr. Lovebird's arrival time
  • I'm also trying to get Grayson's 2nd birthday party Evite sent out this week before everyone's June calendars get full
  • Next weekend is a doozy too with 6 big events spread across Saturday and Sunday including Portsmouth's annual Market Square Day
  • Oh! There's also Father's Day and our 7th anniversary to consider this month...
It may seems nuts when typed out, but I'm very excited about all these fun events, and I'm especially thankful for a few extra sets of helpful hands that will be assisting me with the kids to help make it (hopefully!) run smoothly.

What are you looking forward to this month?