Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Healthy Hydration with Ocean Spray PACt Fruit Infusions

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in partnership with Ocean Spray; all opinions expressed are my own.

One of the most frequent questions I get about my family is how we manage to go to so many outings and events. From the beach to outdoor concerts and festivals my kids are troopers, but without one key factor it wouldn't be possible: proper hydration. Nia and Grayson know I'm obsessed with it! When I was introduced to Ocean Spray's new PACt Fruit Infusions I did what most parents do: I looked at the ingredients. 

I love my lil clown!
The first thing that stood out was the lack of sugar - this is crucial! We rarely drink anything other than water or milk in our home and added sugar is an instant no for us. When we're outdoors in the sun the last thing I want to do is load my kids full of sugar.

Sometimes it's hard to get him to stop for a hydration break
I was also intrigued to learn about the ingredient PACs: proanthocyanidins. PACs are naturally occurring in cranberries and cleanse and purify the body. Ocean spray combines PACs from the juice of 50 cranberries along with with other fruit juices such as grapes, strawberries and cherries along with purified water to create delicious Fruit Infusions that kids and adults love. 

How do I know?

My family of 4 finished 3- 46 oz bottles in less than 5 days! Cranberry Concord Grape was our absolute favorite, and it was good to know that each 8 oz serving contained only 5g of naturally-occurring sugar. 

PACt Fruit Infusions help us last longer on hot, sunny days
While we definitely drink as much water as we can, Ocean Spray's PACt Fruit Fusions are a special treat that helps deter my kids from sugary beverages when we're out and about. I especially appreciate that it's only 30 calories per serving - I'd much rather prefer to get my calories from ice cream!

With over a month of summer left and temperatures not going down soon, Ocean Spray's PACt Fruit Infusions are a healthy and delicious way to keep your family hydrated.  

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