Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Keeping Track of Things with Minted Labels

Disclosure: I received complimentary labels from Minted to facilitate this post; all opinions expressed are my own. 

Little did I know just a few months ago that we'd be in a complete upheaval suddenly moving from Portsmouth, NH to Boston, MA in about a month's notice. Although it's only about an hour's drive apart, as new home owners it's been quite the transition and that's included getting acclimated to Nia's new school.

It's a private school and like the private schools I attended as a child, the children wear uniforms. They're not inexpensive either! One thing became apparent once the school year started: we lose things more than when she didn't wear uniforms. Since the kids have similar looking items sometimes we somehow end up with duplicates (which we promptly return to the lost and found!) and other times things go completely missing including her embroidered (pricey) cardigan. We kept going around in the same cycle of losing things, panicking, then somehow finding them at school. The panic part is because dress code requirements are strict and kids can get sent home if they're not in full uniform. 

When Minted reached out for me to try their custom clothing and name labels I knew it might be just what we need to solve the problem. The hardest part? Deciding which labels to order. Take a look:

We had other labels that we used in a pinch when the school year started, but they didn't quite hold up. So far Minted's labels are up to the challenge that Nia puts them through. I selected small and large labels for Nia - some for her clothing and others for her personal items.

Nia's face beamed when I showed them to her, especially the unicorn. She asked, "How did they do that?!" They adhere easily and I keep them on hand for all her items from her water bottle, clothing and toys. The clothing labels are so small that they easily fit on the tags and just to be safe I put them on both sides of the label so they don't get missed - much easier than using a marker to write in all her information! 

Minted's website breaks down the labels in easy to search categories (ex. food containers, clothing and shoes, bookplates, etc.) and have plenty of gender neutral options too which I love. There's also options for labels that have your children's picture on them! 

If you're struggling with lost items like we were, I highly recommend them as a fun, sturdy alternative to traditional labels. Visit Minted's website and be sure to sign up for their newsletter as they have frequent deals and discounts. 

Do you struggle with lost items with your kids? For us the worst are winter items. Those pesky gloves!