Friday, November 18, 2016

Score Name Brand Fashion Finds at Kids for Less

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in partnership with Kids for Less. All opinions expressed are my own.

Each season there's one truth that resonates with me as I consider my children's wardrobe: they grow too fast! Nia and Grayson both inherited their father's height (he's 6'8"), and while it's easier to ignore the crazy growth of their legs in the spring and summer months, by the time we hit fall and need long pants those pesky jeans genes smack me right in the face

This season Kids for Less reached out to help me out with the kids wardrobe and while I tend to be very utilitarian about selecting clothing for them I was thrilled to pick out a couple fun outfits to help express their personality. Nia wears a uniform to school, but Friday dress-down-days for charity are a big deal and much planning goes into which outfit she'll wear. 

I was impressed with just how many name brands Kids for Less offers in a range of sizes from newborn through kids size 16. From Puma, Enyce, Limited Too and French Toast, there are so many familiar brands deeply discounted up to 75% off MSRP. And with free shipping on orders of $50+ as well as 25% if you sign up for their newsletter they make it easy to get started shopping. There are also uniform items offered for much less than what you'd pay in-store.

Nia and I took a look together at the Kids for Less website and while I thought she would pick a dress my little fashionista opted instead for distressed jeans and a long-sleeve t-shirt with patches - you can totally see her personality in her outfit! 

You can shop by sets as well as categories such as tops and pants. For Grayson, I thought it'd be easiest to shop sets and when I spotted a fun Spiderman mask hoodie and pants set I knew he'd love it. 

His and Nia's outfits arrived in only 2 days via regular shipping and when Grayson saw his new outfit he shouted, "Spidah-mahn!" and eagerly let me put it on him. The best part? Showing him his mask-face in the mirror and yes, he chases his sister around terrorizing her with the mask pulled down! 

If you're looking for clothing this holiday season definitely check out Kids for Less - it's a fun way to add excitement to your children's wardrobe while staying in-budget. And if you're one of the lucky ones who lives near one of their stores definitely stop by. Be sure to follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too for the latest promotions and deals!

What age did your kids start sharing their opinions about clothes? Both Nia and Grayson started around 2 years old