Thursday, December 1, 2016

Safer Laundry with Molly's Suds #WiseChoice

Disclosure: I was provided samples to facilitate this review; all opinions expressed are my own.

I've moved about 10x in the past 10 years and from the dreaded, dark communal laundry room in my Queens' apartment complex's basement to the awesomeness of wash and fold in Jersey City, I've experienced so many different set-ups. In our new home in Boston I finally have the arrangement I've always wanted: two floors of living space with an actual laundry room on the second floor. With built-in cabinets, hanging rack and wire shelving up high I like that I can close the door if needed and not worry about the laundry monster that often gets out of control in our household. 

Throwback: Grayson in his cloth diaper
Coming off W.E.L.L. Summit I'm also thinking about how I can take small steps towards healthier changes in our family. Cloth diapering both my kids started me down the path of using non-traditional detergents and one of my biggest concerns was not only getting my clothes clean but making sure they smelled pleasant afterwards which wasn't always the case in my laundry experimentation. 

When Molly's Suds reached out to me to try their laundry powder I agreed to see how it handled the worst of my family's laundry - specifically, Mr. Lovebird's stinky basketball clothes and Grayson's toddler stains. Created in 2008 by a mom of 4, Molly's Suds is cruelty free, vegan and trusted by Healthy Child, Healthy World as well as a gold winner of the 2015 National Parenting Awards. Knowing that it's free of popular chemicals found in regular detergents helped me feel confident in using it for my family. 

Where the laundry magic happens! 
We have a top-loading HE washing machine, something we decided on after yucky experiences with front-loaders (thank you to Young House Love for helping us!). While there's a drawer for detergent, Molly's Suds recommends adding 1-2 tablespoons of powder detergent right to the laundry drum before adding your laundry. For best results you can dissolve in a tiny bit of hot water first (I didn't do that part!). 

What happened next made me a believer:

1) My clothes were clean - The first thing I did when my Molly's Suds' laundry was done was inspect it. I know I'm not the only one who thinks that going green means forgoing effectiveness. Not the case here! 

2) They didn't have a leftover scent - While I don't need my clothes to smell like flowers, I prefer for them to have a neutral scent. I've used green detergents in the past that have left my clothes with a fishy scent - something that was a known issue, but mentioned as part of the commitment to keeping the detergent chemically safe. Molly's Suds on the other hand does not have this problem. 

3) I didn't feel guilty - I admit I'm a nostalgia junkie and have leaned towards conventional detergent that I remember my mother using when I was a child. In the back of my mind I've been plagued by the thought of the yucky stuff that's in it, and how it's impacting my family and the planet. Without the cancer-causing chemicals, dyes and irritants, Molly's Suds left me feeling good about doing my laundry. 

Score! Gotta love a promo code
For easy ways to tackle easy stains and persistent odor, check out Molly's Suds tips on their website and for a limited time use promo code WISECHOICE to save 25% on your online order. I was able to get a double order of their new liquid detergent for only $25 before shipping. They even have cloth diaper detergent and tips too, something I didn't realize before! 

What's laundry like for your household? I'm looking forward to my kids getting tall enough to help mama out - Nia's *this* close!