Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Welch's Fruit Snacks Christmas Challenge

Disclosure: I was provided with samples to facilitate this post; all opinions expressed are my own. 

One of the Christmas traditions I was finally excited to be a part of now that we're in our first home is putting stockings up for each of us on our fireplace mantle. I have fond memories of this as a kid and would get excited to for the surprises my parents would put in them, mostly beauty products! When I asked my Facebook friends about their stocking memories as I sought to create ours, many responded with treats such as candy and fruit. 

Welch's reached out to us to participate in their fruit snacks Christmas design challenge and although my kids gobbled up most of them before the contest ended (!), I was able to save a couple packs for a fun afternoon activity. I offered them toothpicks and they got to work - well, mostly Nia did as Grayson wanted to keep eating them!

I gave Nia the initial idea of an angel which, being the little engineer she is, figured it out on her own, and I made a star which Grayson was happy to quickly eat up. I liked how the boxes of fruit snacks came in a holiday-themed box with 4 packs each. My kids rarely get fruit snacks, but when they do it's usually one bag of Welch's fruit snacks that they both have to share. With 100% your daily dose of vitamin C, 25% of vitamins A & E it's a treat that I know my kids will get a little something extra out of, and the fact that they're fat free makes me feel less guilty about sneaking a few for myself!

Here's a little video of our crafting session:

Thank you Welch's for the fun treat and make sure you keep them in mind next holiday season for your stocking stuffers!

What did you put in your children's stockings this past holiday? What treat do you remember getting in your stocking as a kid?