Tuesday, May 2, 2017

5 Perfect Lawn Games for an Urban Yard

While we await consistent, warm sunny days here in Boston, one of the main topics of household discussion is our backyard. This is the first time after years of apartment living that we finally have our own private yard and the kids are thrilled! With Grayson turning 3 next month I'm considering a backyard birthday party and reminiscing over my own epic backyard party my parents threw when I turned 6 - it was a pretty big deal. 

Throwback: My Mommy & Me
Today I'm partnering with Wayfair to share some of my favorite family lawn games and picking some from their website that I'd love to consider for our urban yard. 
{Image Credit: Wayfair}
1) Slip & Slide - this was my absolute favorite game to play in my backyard as a kid and definitely beat the little plastic pool that I've done in the past for my kids; something about getting a running start and throwing your body onto wet plastic is so much fun! The only thing to watch out for were the missed rocks underneath the slide - OUCH! 

{Image Credit: Wayfair}
2) Swing Set Obstacle Course - although I was an only child until I was almost 8 years old, my neighborhood had so many children and we would set up our own challenges a la "Double Dare" in my backyard (anyone else remember that show?!)

{Image Credit: Wayfair}
3) Bike Races - we'd do this up and down the street where I grew in Ohio, but here in Boston that wouldn't be too safe! Instead we have a large concrete driveway that opens up to a larger parking area that the kids can ride on. So far Grayson is taking much better to Nia's old balance bike (remember her shenanigans?)
{Image Credit: Wayfair}
4) Hide & Go Seek - growing up my dad built me an epic clubhouse that I used to love hiding away in; while we don't have that much room for a clubhouse in our yard there are a few nooks and crannies perfect for the kids to hide away while they're small

{Image Credit: Wayfair}

5) Water Balloon Fights - this never gets old and now with technology you can fill hundreds of balloons in minutes; I'm so jealous! 

Which lawn games does your family like to play when it warms up? It didn't make the list above, but we recently tried Monkey in the Middle with Grayson and it was a really hard concept for him to grasp but now he asks to play all the time! 



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