Friday, May 5, 2017

Personalize It with Always Southern Co.

With a name like Quiana comes great sacrifices including never being able to find my name on personalized items at the store! In the rare instances I find a "Q" item I snatch it up with a quickness. I'm so jealous of the kids nowadays with unique names since the advent of custom online shops including my friend Mary Baker Reconnu's shop Always Southern Co. 

I first introduced Mary here on my blog when my family went to Dallas for the first time to visit my parents who live there. Mary and I got to meet up for the first time - we're online buddies part of an amazing community of women. This group of women is so special to me, and it's been amazing to see how we've supported each other as our lives have changed over the years. 

Mary (in black) and her beautiful family
Mary is an empty nester who started Always Southern Co. while living in Ft. Worth when she'd make things for her friends.  She may now live in Seattle, but she made me laugh when she explained, "Southern girls personalize their things so their sisters don't steal them!" Growing up with 2 younger sisters, I can see the value of this. 

With personalization as Mary's specialty she prides herself in her "if you see and like it, I'll make it" approach to her business. You can find her items on her Facebook page here and she's open to customization too. Since we had just seen "Beauty and the Beast" the special customized apron for Nia was a special surprise. Whether for dress-up, watering her garden or cooking, it makes such a fun gift for the little girl in your life: 

Another bonus Mary sees as a mompreneur is that her online business allows her to adjust pricing based on her customer's needs. Whether it be a particular color, t-shirt style or detail, Mary works closely with her customers to guarantee they'll love what they order. 

Grayson is yet another happy little customer when he received his "Show Me My Moo Cow Shirt:"

When I saw Mary preview it, I knew he'd get a kick out of it being the goofy prankster that he is and I was right. Check him out:

He was happy to pose for the camera, and when we're out and about the neighborhood he has to stop and show everyone his Moo Cow (and yes, we've had the talk about strangers!).

With Mother's Day, graduation and wedding season upon us Mary has an array of items in her show that make wonderful gifts and now through the end of May Mary's offering free shopping when you mention "Harlem Lovebirds" with your order. Here are a few of my favorite items from Always Southern Co.:

Perfect for summer vacation

Custom cosmetic bags make great graduation gifts!

A custom order for a bachelorette party
Thank you Mary for sharing your business with my Harlem Lovebirds' readers!

Be sure to follow Always Southern Co. on social media to stay on top of giveaways, product offerings, and customization options:



Are you into personalization? Do you have a unique name that's hard to find in traditional stores?