Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Playing Tourist in Boston

While we were in Chicago last week, the weekend before that we got to play tourist here in Boston when my BFF Julie and her family visited us all the way from Ohio. We try to see each other once a year usually when we return to my hometown of Columbus, Ohio each August as it coincides with Nia and her great-grandmother's birthdays and the Ohio State Fair. This was our first time having all members of both of our families altogether in years, so it was extra special! 

The best part? After chilly, rainy weeks here in Boston we lucked out with perfect weather during their visit!

Here's a photo recap of our Beantown adventures...

Our commuter rail aka "Trivia Train" experience was quite entertaining

View of the Charles River and Cambridge from the BC Club
The Old State House

Faneuil Hall

We found something for everyone in crowded Quincy Market

The ornate merry-go-round at Boston Harbor is stunning

Next up, recapping Chicago and heading to Orlando tomorrow to speak at BlogHer... (follow along on my Instagram Stories!)