Thursday, July 6, 2017

Lovebirds' Summer Kick-Off

We've been traveling a lot and with family in town this past extended holiday weekend I'm finally catching up on getting organized for the rest of the summer! We have a couple weeks' break before our next adventure so I thought it'd be fun to do a pic heavy post to show what we've been up to...

We returned from BlogHer last Monday and it seems so long ago, but the best part was being able to combine the conference with seeing family and friends. It was an anniversary trip too and I really enjoyed having Uka with me to see the blogging world objectively and give me some great feedback. 

When we returned I went right into birthday party mode for Grayson. I can't believe he's 3, but he still has some of his baby traits (sucking his fingers and being quite the snuggler) so I won't make him give those up for now! His annual well visit went great and just like his sister, he's long and slim. 

We had friends come down from New Hampshire, our hoard of local cousins, new Boston buddies and my sisters in town to celebrate with us. While it was my first time throwing a "backyard" party, I had a bit of trepidation especially if it rained, but it turned out incredibly easy (having my sisters there too definitely helped). Afterwards we saw Despicable Me 3; it was so cute, but I wanted more Minions - they're my fave! We couldn't leave the theater without taking advantage of this photo opp:

The next day we were up and out the door for Six Flags...

Done for the day at Six Flags
We have season passes and compared to some of the major amusement parks we've been, the value of Six Flags just can't be beat. We have such a good time every time we go, and we still haven't been to all the rides despite 3 trips there since we got our passes. 

Monday my sister Lauren headed back to NYC and my sister Ariane and I took the kids to Cape Cod - it was her first time there! Traffic surrounding the beach was crazy, but I'm so glad I read a tip online to drop everyone off at the beach then park further out and take a Lyft back. It worked out great and Mr. Lovebird and I have a kid-free Cape Cod trip later this summer that I'm already looking forward to.

Grayson with his Aunty Lauren
Tuesday was a chill day and we hung out at home while Uka made ribs and the kids played outside. My sister Lauren gave Grayson the cutest festive outfit for his birthday, and he had a good time showing it off and dancing to Michael Jackson (his favorite!). That night we found some local fireworks and it was so special to see Grayson's reaction, his eyes full of wonder! Compared to last year when we were in Montreal, it was fun to pick back up on this tradition. 

My sister Ariane left yesterday morning and now we're plotting and planing the rest of our July. 

Up next?
Do you feel like your summer's flying by too? What are you looking forward to the rest of the summer?