Thursday, August 3, 2017

PSA: Day Designer 2018 is Now Available!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. 

Aren't they pretty?
I'm in Ohio for the week with the kids (so much fun stuff over on my Instagram Stories!), but quickly wanted to pop in with the announcement that 2018 Day Designers are now available to purchase! Do you know which one you'd want to get? 

It was such a hard decision for me, but I eneded up getting this one (one of my sisters did too!) and my other sister got the Belle & Blush limited edition one (top left). 

This will be my 4th Day Designer, and if you're curious about getting one check out my unboxing here on Facebook Live. Also, head over to the Day Designer website where you can print off sample pages to see how you like the planner. 

I rely on my phone a lot for scheduling, but there's nothing like having a paper planner! It really does make a difference.

Do you use a paper planner too? Which Day Designer cover is your favorite?