Monday, August 14, 2017

Speak Up and Do the Work

This is getting old, however I am not surprised.

Virginia turned 7 on Saturday, and it seemed so long ago that I was so excited to be alive at time when the only president she'd know was one who was brown like her.

On the drive back from part of her birthday celebration in Newport, RI as she and her brother slept, I caught up on the news coming from Charlottesville and cried.

There are so many resources available and conversations happening as more and more continue to step up but still the silence of so many influencers continues to be deafening. It is not the work of the oppressed and discriminated against to do the education. That burden isn't for us to bear.

Today I watched Christine Koh's (of Boston Mamas) Facebook Live which you can catch the replay below - please bookmark her resources and share the heck out of them:

And this. 

All day this:

I will be doing Nia's birthday recap/life lately update, but first this post needed to written before anything else.