Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Beauty in Green: My Customized eShakti Dress

Disclosure: I received a dress from eShakti to facilitate this review; all opinions expressed are my own. 

Have you ever looked at your child's wardrobe and been inspired? I recently was. Since taking Nia shopping for fall clothing a couple months ago I noticed a green shirt of hers has quickly become her favorite, and it made me realize I don't own green clothing. Green happens to also be Mr. Lovebird's favorite color, but it had never dawned on me to wear it so when eShakti invited me to try a customized dress I decided to hone in on green. 

They really have some stunning options...


I decided to go with the Floral Print Crepe Blouson Dress or "My Nigerian Green Dress," as Uka calls it, seeing that it's the same shade of green as the Nigerian flag.

I've partnered with eShakti in the past and hands down, each dress I've selected has received so many compliments over the years. This time around, I decided to not only try a new color, but give eShakti's customization service a try as well. 

I've shared before how eShakti can customize your dress in hem-line length, sleeve length and neckline, but now they can customize the fabric and design as well. With their new service you can take the fabric of a knit or woven dress and pair with the style of another dress you desire. It's all explained in this video here

At 5'6" I'm about average height but decided to shorten the length of my dress so I could transition into the fall by pairing it with leggings and showing off my new wedge boots for fall. It turned out beautifully and compared to other eShakti dresses I've ordered didn't take any extra time to arrive!

Besides customization, my favorite feature of eShakti's dresses are the pockets, glorious pockets. And they're not shallow either! I can really put stuff deep down into them including my frigid hands as the temperatures dip here in Boston, but I'm not quite ready to surrender to gloves.

There are sleeve length options too, but I decided to keep mine as-is since I knew I'd be pairing my dress with my jean jacket
Curious about eShakti? They're currently running a promo on their main page for newly registered customers to save $25 off your first purchase and get FREE shipping. 

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Which color is lacking in your wardrobe this fall? Do you get inspired by your kid's clothing like I do?