Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Whoa December!

We went to a tree farm fully prepared to cut our tree, but this pre-cut one was our fave!

I looked up and this year is pretty much over. Welp!

Here's what's going on lately (in pictures)...

///Grayson and Nia are living their best lives!///

///Reminiscing over our 2017 New Year's cards while I patiently awaiting our 2018 Minted cards (full post to come)...///

///Staying on top of my fitness - I made it to the Y 5x last week (a first in a loooooong time!)///

///Prepping for our annual holiday party this weekend and giving this "shoe-free" alternative a try///

///Visiting old friends and taking pit stops to capture moments like this///

And (from pic above)...

{Image via IMDB}
///Pondering She's Gotta Have It on Netflix///

///Staying civically engaged (congrats Michelle Wu!)///

///Getting my laugh on with Mr. Lovebird. Chris was SO good! (And only 1 audience member got ejected - not too bad O_o)///

What are you up to as the year winds down???