Thursday, January 4, 2018

Christmas in Charleston

Today is Winter Storm Grayson here in Boston, and it is intense (and yes, Grayson cried when we told him he shares the same name as the storm). School is cancelled today and tomorrow for both kids so I thought it would be a good time to catch up on recapping our Christmas break.

I'm originally from Ohio and while my parents stayed there up until about 8 years ago they've since have lived in the DC-metro area, Dallas and now Charleston.  The warmer climates have definitely been a bonus (remember budget-friendly Thanksmas in 2016?). This year we decided to spend a full week of our Christmas break with them in Charleston - it was our first trip and we even took a mini-road trip to Savannah (I'll cover that in a separate post). 

Take a look...

All smiles having forgotten the James Brown slide the plane did on the icy runway that morning!

My mommy and her daughters

Charleston Waterfront Park 

My fave!

Farmer's and Exchange Bank - the Moorish Revival architecture stopped me in my tracks!
We went straight from the waterfront to...

The line of cars to get in was EPIC!

The next day it was time for baking cookies with Nana - the gingerbread bears are one of our favorites!

The perks of little brotherhood

This is the last Christmas Eve in their Company Store PJs we won 2 Christmases ago

Blurry but my fave! Nia insisted on dressing up before opening gifts while Grayson had a partial wardrobe change
We ended Christmas Day with a walk around the neighborhood pond

A huge shout out to my friends who gave me so many recommendations! I have compiled an epic Evernote and am excited to continue exploring the area on future visits. 

Do you prefer staying in your hometown for the holidays or traveling?