Monday, February 26, 2018

Bloggers, Business and Boston: My First Paint Night

Disclosure: I was invited a guest of NEXT On Scene Magazine; all opinions expressed are my own. 

I still feel like I'm getting re-acclimated to living in Boston and one of the best ways to do that has been getting acquainted with the Boston blogging community. When I last lived in Boston (all the way back in 2007!), I hadn't started my blog yet and thankfully there are so many amazing Facebook groups that have been so welcoming including a wonderful group brought together by NEXT On Scene Magazine founded by Jackie Zuk.

A couple weeks ago Jackie invited me and a few other parenting bloggers out to my old stomping grounds not far from Wellesley College for a fun paint night hosted by Parenting with a Punch and Drinkable Arts Boston Area. I keep seeing paint nights show up in my social media feed so I was very curious to give it a try. 

There was a lot going on that day so it was nice to make my way out to the event and not only try my hand at painting my own wine glass but hearing from Amanda Houle, founder of Parenting with a Punch. Amanda's strategies for positive parenting (without timeouts, I might add!) have helped navigate tricky situations so many parents often find ourselves in. From intensive bootcamps, to one-on-one sessions, you can find Amanda's offerings for Boston-area parents directly on her website. She even has a video series "Parenting on the Same Page" that you can sign up to get for FREE!

As we went around the room sharing each of our bios, I enjoyed seeing the beautiful art each blogger created on her wine glass. I stuck easy dots of various sized on my glass with a silver glitter bottom (glitter always, please!). Sherry who runs Drinkable Arts Boston Area had each station set up with everything we needed and gave me tips on how to make my dots with the ends of dowels - I had no idea it would turn out as funky as it did! 

When we were done of course we had to take a few pictures and exchange business cards. As I've always reiterated over the years, so much of why I love blogging is the chance to meet my fellow bloggers IRL. 

I'm already looking forward to our next get together. Thank you Jackie, Amanda and Sherry for a fun night!