Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Princess Awesome on Spring Break

Disclosure: I received a sample to facilitate this review; all opinions expressed are my own. 

Last week's re-entry from spring break has been a bit rough, but today some warmth finally arrived here in Boston! We've been looking back at some of our favorite moments from the cruise, and I love this one especially:

Isn't Nia everything? 

I know, I know: I'm biased as her mom, but she really is rocking her dress from Princess Awesome, an inspiring apparel company providing clever alternatives to the usual girl offerings laden with characters and questionable messages. 

I selected Nia's "She-Rex" Dinosaurs Twirly Play Dress as a surprise before our cruise, and she was so excited when I pulled it out for her as we were packing. She happily donned it when we arrived at our first port: Cozumel, Mexico. I mean, her dress was made for the vibrancy of that port!  

In my own fashion choices I'm obsessed with anything with pockets, especially dresses, so I was thrilled that Princess Awesome dresses have them and with Nia's sensitive skin I was happy to see that the dress is 100% cotton. Nia's "She-Rex" dress flowed beautifully on her and kept her cool in the nearly 80 degree temperatures.

Nia got a bit messy eating ice cream at Paradise Beach, and when we did laundry on the ship later in the week thankfully her "She Rex" dress washed up nicely retaining its vibrant colors and softness. 

Speaking of sizing, Princess Awesome breaks theirs down with so much detail so you can get it just right for your awesome girl: 

A bit of background on the business-side of Princess Awesome...

Co-Founders Rebecca Melsky and Eva St. Clair
Princess Awesome is founded by women: two moms (with six kids between them!) who have built their business with thoughtful learnings, data and fundraising - they're the highest performing childrenswear Kickstarter EVER. They've been on my radar for a couple years, and it's been refreshing watching them grow. 

Here are a few of my other favorite Princess Awesome finds:

Gah - this is the cutest! 
{"Rescue Ready" Fire Engine Twirly Dress}

A subtle nod to math
{"Roots and STEMs" Math Garden Headband}

I'd totally rock this pi print - good thing there are adult items too!
{"Pi in the Sky" Pi Twirly Play Dress}
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