Thursday, August 13, 2020

#TBT Decade Edition: Happy 10th Birthday Nia!

Left by my BFF Julie McGee; Right by Sweet Escape Photography

Yesterday, my Nia turned 10 years old! I originally shared this caption on this Instagram post and wanted to capture it here on the blog too:

When I tell people Nia’s named after her great-grandmother who shares her birth month, my last living grandparent, Mary Virginia in Ohio, they are often surprised. I then explain how “Nia” is simply the last 3 letters of Virginia and an “Oh-h-h-h” is usually returned. Nia is Swahili for “purpose” and today as we celebrated her 10th birthday she was overcome with emotion as I tucked her in bed at the end of the day sharing a special card I held out giving her until that moment. 



My mini-video celebrating 10 years of Nia!

Today we honored Nia’s breakfast request for croissants and hot chocolate, a surprise trip to get her ears pierced, a kind and generous neighbor allowing her and Grayson to have a social distancing swim in her pool, followed by her favorite chicken wings and ice cream before chatting with her extended family over Zoom. She quietly told me with a smile that this was her favorite birthday yet. 

Nia is every bit her own person, and I am intrigued to see how she’s adapted through all the upheaval this year. She is perceptive and creative, spicy and empathetic. I love being her mother and as she’s 2 inches away from being my height (thanks to Mr. Lovebird’s genes!), she still very much is my little girl.


I look forward to seeing the next 10 years as she continues to seek her purpose.