Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Back-to-School Snacking with Hood Milk

This post was sponsored by Hood as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Remember that color-coded schedule going around during the first round of distance learning? My kids' favorite color was "snack time!" With a few more weeks left until school starts, I'm partnering with Hood Milk to share my family's back-to-school snacking strategy. Hood Milk contains no artificial growth hormones and has important nutrients for my growing kids!

Here's what's working for us this back-to-school snacking season...

Like many families this year, we got caught up in the baking craze! We tried so many fun and delicious recipes and gave us the opportunity to be in the kitchen together. As the summer winds down I'm finding we're starting to return to baking. Nia's taken command of baking duties lately, and when I give her free range to peruse my cookbooks she not only find ones that I forgot about but surprises the family with her tasty delights! One of her favorites is making homemade pretzels, and I round out her treat with a bowl of fruit - we've been really enjoying strawberries - and a cup of Hood Milk.

Hood Milk comes in a LightBlock Bottle® and provides growing kids with 8g of protein and 9 essential nutrients per serving. Additionally, the kids are already noticing it's getting darker earlier, and it's bringing to mind the importance of getting our Vitamin D - especially crucial for darker skin tones.  

Nia is going through such a growth spurt and as our conversations frequently center around self-care, Hood Milk is part of my family's healthy choices. 

Growing up milk was such an important part of my snack time, and I vividly remember getting the little cartons at school! As I dust off my color coded schedule, I'm sure kids will be looking for the "snack time" color yet again, and I know being able to maintain these simple routines for them gives them comfort and a sense of security. 

I'm confident knowing I can count on Hood Milk to be a part of our back-to-school snacking routine!