Friday, September 25, 2020

OK 40

For the past few years, rather than make New Years resolutions, I've curated a list of 10 things I'm looking forward to. As 2019 ended I had trepidation about creating my list and as the first quarter ended I realized it was good that I didn't. Most things I would've put on that list ended up canceling. Now, a few days into 40 years old, I'm recommitted to continuing to be thankful for my family and my health.

Pivot has definitely been an overused buzz word of this era, but I've found it fitting for things have been retrofitted and reconfigured. It's been a lesson in creativity, ingenuity and perseverance. I'm thankful for the amazing opportunities that have come my way including the recent Power to Fly Allyship to Impact session. My session, Building Connections in a Virtual World, is now available here along with all the other sessions for FREE. I appreciate everyone who shared and attended - it was a dynamic 2 days! 

The announcement of the Breonna Taylor verdict the day after I turned 40 turned my attention to thinking deeply about my energy, this vile system and my future. Specifically, thinking about the span of time and the fact that the decision was announced on the 65th anniversary of Emmett Till's killers being acquitted. I reflected on the fact that my last living grandparent at age 84 can remember that moment like yesterday and now 65 years later we have a similar acquittal. In 40 years I'll be about the same age my grandmother is now. Will we still be seeking justice?

{From this video discussion here}

As much as I'd like to be unbothered by everything going on I can't help but feel the weight of it all, and I'm of the mindset that it's just not about "my 4 and no more;" I feel compelled to continue to speak out on social and racial justice issues, but I'm also mindful of seasons of life. My word last year was "Eliminate" and while I didn't make a list, I did select a word: "Release." 

Even before Covid, I knew I'd be letting go of a couple volunteer leadership roles allowing me to redirect my attention to the needs of my family. I'm thankful to be in service within my community in other ways and am especially grateful for continuing therapy to help me sort through it all. I found my therapist via Therapy for Black Girls and highly recommend it! 

Sending so much love to everyone who sent wishes, called and surprised me with such thoughtful gifts! I'm looking forward to properly celebrating next year (ummm, South Africa please). Thank you!