Wednesday, October 4, 2006

July 2006

  • Free Movies?!
  • Lengthy Links
  • Lodge a Complaint (or a Compliment!)
  • Create Something, Anything!
  • Q&A of the Month

Greetings! After so many of you wondering where I get my random information from I've decided to condense it in an easy to use newsletter. This is my first go around so please feel free to make suggestions. I hope you find it useful and do share with friends!


Free Movies?!


Some of you have asked yourselves, "How does Q score those free movie passes?" Here's how. There isn't a current offering, but keep checking back, I promise you it's good (they just took down the Miami Vice preview).


Lengthy Links


Do you ever want to send a link to a friend, but it’s way too long? Visit Tiny URL. It shortens your link and most importantly it’s free!


Lodge a Complaint (or a Compliment!)


My writing to companies has become somewhat of a joke to those of you who know me best, but it gets results! Next time you see something you like or dislike rather it be a matter of public transit, an advertising campaign or an item you want your grocery store to carry simply speak up! Here's a few companies I've written to and have received responses from:

* McDonald's



* Kozy Shack (funny I know but they even sent me coupons!)

* Comcast

Give it a try and please report back your results!


Create Something, Anything!


You know that custom pink tiara you've always wanted? (OK, maybe that's just me!) Anyway, whatever it is you want, try Etsy. It's kinda like Ebay but for artists. If you have an idea in mind you can find someone to custom create it for you or become an artist yourself.


Q&A of the Month


Q: Do I really have to drink 8 glasses of water?

A: No. Basically, if you're thirsty then drink! (How do I know this?)

P.S. Snopes is also a great site to dispel urban legends and chain e-mails; whenever I get a hoax I reply back with the appropriate Snopes link.


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