Wednesday, October 4, 2006

August 2006

  • What's That Song???
  • Dream Trip
  • Summer Rush
  • 3 o'clock Hunger Pangs
  • Q&A

Greetings! Thanks to those of you who provided feedback a couple weeks back for my first newsletter! Please continue to let me know what you find helpful and forward it to your friends.


What's That Song???


Ever hear a song on the radio and want to know who it is so you can download it later? This site let’s you input your local radio stations so you can see the playlists from the past 24hrs. You may even discover new songs in the process!


Dream Trip


I’m reading Tales of a Female Nomad and while it’s not a new book, it is definitely re-inspiring me to take a RTW (round the world) trip. National Geographic Traveler published a collector’s RTW issue a couple years back and I’ve held onto it just in case. It’s actually less expensive than you may think. This one year itinerary estimates around $20k which isn't too bad. The most expensive part is the transportation, but lodging is a breeze through Servas.


Summer Rush


So the countdown to the end of summer is upon us. I was actually born on the first day of fall (9/22 for those of you who want to send gifts!) so I feel the impending doom. For those of us on a budget, myself included, here’s a short list of fun things to do around Boston/New York:

* FREE outdoor movies on the Esplanade and Boston Harbor Hotel

* Check out the Anglo Mania fashion exhibit at the Met

* The Taming of the Shrew is free on Boston Common through 8/13

* Hit up a Lunch Club event in New York. There’s chapters all over, but the NYC events are way cooler with such outings as board game night, Sunday picnics and kayaking.


3 o'clock Hunger Pangs


I don’t know about you, but around 3p.m. Monday through Friday I get hunger pangs – BAD! Usually, I want a sugary carb like a donut or cookie, but lately I’ve been trying to fight the urges. Here’s some tips that have been working for me:

* Eat every 3 hours - just like a baby! This stabilizes your blood sugar so you're not famished by the end of the day.

* Keep high protein and high fiber snacks close by. Cheese sticks, almonds and Kashi products are my favorite. It’s amazing how an ounce of almonds can revive you!

* Stay hydrated. Sometimes when you’re hungry, you’re actually thirsty. For example, a few days ago I had a bad craving for a late afternoon cookie. There was an entire platter of them in the office but I fought the urge and grabbed my water bottle instead. The craving went away!




Q: What should I do when someone next to me is shouting their cell phone conversation?

A: Well you have a few options:

* Put your index finger up to your lips and say, “Shhh”

* Frown disapprovingly at the person as if they have two heads then ask, “Do you mind?”

* Use the recording function of your phone to record their conversation then play it back to them on speaker phone when their conversation is over (courtesy of Engadget)

I personally like the final option, but I have to work up the guts to do it. I don’t want to get sucker-punched on my commute into work.