Saturday, October 7, 2006

October 7, 2006 - Oprah Moment

Last night I attended the O You! kick off dinner hosted by Oprah Magazine. All of Oprah's contributors were there: Nate Berkus, Gayle King, Dr. Robin Smith, Stacy London (from What Not to Wear - oh how Boston needed her help!)and Julie Morganstern. It was at Mistral (my first time there) and it was fabulous! Nate was the only one who actually walked around and introduced himself to everyone, but when Gayle walked in the room I was the first one to meet eye contact with her and smile.

I'm not very star struck and I understand that celebs need their space so I didn't try to bum rush any of them, however there was one woman who was a bit overly obsessed with Nate. I guess she didn't find out he was gay until after professing her major crush on him. Her girlfriend kindly pulled her aside to explain that he swings the other way. We all get our bubbles burst eventually I guess.

Anyway, it wasn't the type of event that was appropriate for picture taking so I have no evidence to share - sorry.

I do have a juicy story however:

So I attended the actual O You! event and for those of you who know me well, you understand that I try to plan my life out as much as possible which is why I already know that Reggie Wells, Oprah's makeup artist, is doing my makeup when I get married (I pray before I'm 30!). Anyway, I had signed up for his session and Stacy London's and I knew I had to be on point so I wore a belted denim dress with just the right amount of stretch, brown suede boots and matching bag with my signature silver jewelry.

Well, I managed to get a seat in the front row hoping that Reggie would pick me to do my makeup. Reggie went racing through the aisles selecting about 8 random women who he said have "IT" to stand up and he proceeded to explain why: "Look at the way her lipstick matches her necklace and turtleneck! . . . This one done up her hair just right for the day! . . .This hot mama just has it!" After his analyses he went back to the front of the stage and was about to make his next point when he stopped and looked at me! He said, "How did I miss you?! YOU! STAND UP!" and he had me turn around to the audience. "She's just lucky! Look at that skin!" Well, I guess I can say I had my Reggie connection. My mom later told me I should have told him after that "You don't know this yet, but you're doing my makeup on my wedding day," but he was with handlers so I didn't have the chance.

Don't worry, at least a seed was planted, and I'll get to him yet. . .

(Sorry for the rough pics, but it's my only evidence of the day - I dropped my camera rushing out the door this a.m. and it's affected the quality. Gotta get a new camera now.)