Friday, April 30, 2010

Our 1st Easter

Uka and I went to Maria's and Greg's for Easter this year. Maria was my college roommate during sophomore year, and I've spent many Easters with her over the years; I think this was Uka's 2nd Easter at Maria's. Maria is Martha Stewart incarnate and has sometimes even made handmade menus (which I save and tuck into my journal!) and she's doing a ton of amazing DIY for her September wedding; I know it's going to be beautiful! 

The first couple in the picture is Julie and Tim who got married last year as well; we've known them for years too through Maria. It's so interesting to think when we all first met we were all just dating and now we're "all grows up!" (Or so we think . . .) Anyway, I think my cheeks and legs are SO chunky in this pic; I look like a true mama!