Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Q's Pet Peeves (Yes, I'm Neurotic)

I have to admit: I'm in a constant state of annoyance. I've tried SO hard over the years not to be this way and let things just roll off my back, which my husband Uka is so good at, but for some reason I'm always getting annoyed by something. I remember even being this way as a child and reading my childhood journals (I started journaling at 7), I see that it's only become worse. Anyway, I decided to write down my biggest pet peeves. Not that it'll help me overcome them, but once I compiled this list below on my BlackBerry while walking back from the gym yesterday it made me realize that many of them are hygienic in nature, which I believe are warranted. I just don't want to get sick! Is that abnormal???

Here's the list:
1) Clipping nails in public, especially on the subway 
I encounter this about once a week and to me it's the equivalent of cutting your hair and leaving the clippings lying around - it's GROSS! Plus the constant clipping sound is annoying. I had a co-worker who used to sit behind me and do this everyday; I couldn't believe her nails grew that fast. Finally, she got transferred to another cube and I was SO relieved!

2) Leaving a less than a full serving of anything in a food container then putting it back on the shelf
The worst is with beverages - why leave a teaspoon of juice? Just go ahead and finish it for goodness sake! 

3) Double dipping 
To me this is like kissing; if I wanted to swap spit with you I'd just kiss you 

4) Walking around barefoot in the gym's locker room/shower  
When I see people do this I hope they get fungus feet

5) Licking fingers before handing out papers/turning pages 
The worst was when I saw someone do this with money! Yes, money! We were collecting and counting bills and a man kept licking his fingers as he handled the money. He shoulda just went ahead and licked a toilet seat or payphone receiver! 

6) Wearing outside shoes in the home 
Why bring the outside in then track it all through the house? There are so many microbes and germs on the bottom of shoes and just thinking about the dog poo and spit on the sidewalks that gets tracked into people's homes makes me nauseous. Another reason is the noise. I can't stand the clomping of shoes on a hard floor and if there isn't a hard floor don't get me started on carpeted floors . . . . I grew up with them and I hate them - dust mites galore! 

7) Spitting and blowing nose on the street/subway rails 
This is a pandemic in NYC, and I get grossed out everyday by this especially the blowing of snot out the nose into the open air; I had never seen this until I came to NYC and I do. not. like. it. And all that spitting, mostly by men, has got me wondering why their mouths are so wet and juicy to begin with? Perhaps they should go back to the old days of having spittoons

Another story: I saw a kid about 5 or 6 years old last week spit into the empty seat that separated us while his mother was totally oblivious; I was completely grossed out and my instinct was to slap him, but I remembered that it wasn't my child and I'd get arrested if I did 

8) Commercials that suddenly get louder than the program that preceded them 
This is something that just started in the last 5 years and it's SO jarring and intrusive that I've started following my BFF's habit of muting the commercials; I've been hearing that at some point a law is going to get passed outlawing the loudness but who knows when/if that will actually happen 

9) Not washing hands when coming in from outdoors especially before eating 
With the advent of hand sanitizer this is totally inexcusable and quite disgusting; I had a boss that always refused hand sanitizer and never washed her hands before eating when we went out for business lunches; she would say "Oh it helps my immune system!" Then she'd have frequent colds, hmmmm. . . 

10) People stopping abruptly on the sidewalk or at the top of stairs/escalator 
OK, if you don't know where you're going move to the side, but don't just stop suddenly! The worst are tourists. When I'm traveling and am unsure of my next move I just immediately get outta the way until I can figure it out then get moving again

11) Coughing/sneezing without covering your mouth/nose
To me, this is like secondhand smoke  

12) Chewing with an open mouth 
If I want to know what you're chewing on I'll ask - no need to show me

So after reading this you're probably thinking, "Quiana, you're crazy! If you're that concerned with hygiene, then just stay inside!" Honestly, I know I'm neurotic and I admit it daily, but I can tell you this: I can count on one hand the # of times I had to call out sick from work or school or was completely bedridden with illness. I don't envy the snifflers and hackers at all!